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US-backed, Serbian Windflow West Vranje/Polijanica wind farm going forward with 10 6 W generators

US-backed, Serbian alternative energy company Windflow West announced February 12 that it is moving forward on a wind farm in Vranje, the Polijanica farm, which will include 10 6 MW generators.

The local zoning plan noted that the farm will cover 249.22 hectares and parts of Trstena, Rozdace, Dobrejance and Stance districts.

Noteworthy, is that Vranje will receive a fee of 1% of the gross income realized from the sale of electrical energy from Belgrade once the wind farm is built, according to

Windflow West first came to the fore in October of last year when it announced it would build a 100 MW wind farm in Vranje, according to reports from SEE news, with staing at the time that the city envisioned “the construction of wind projects of up to 100 MW on an area of 486.7 hectares on the hills surrounding the city.

At the time, the investor was noted as Windflow West, majority owned by US SunFlow Holding (70 %) and  Turkish Vulcanus Enerji Yatirim Anonim Sirketi (30 %), with the project having first gotten under way in May 2021.

Photo of Vranje by Wlodzimierz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.



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