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Alternative energy firm CNJ NEO Energy to invest in Serbia’s Golubac

Portuguese alternative energy company CNJ NEO Energy announced in early February that t will build two new energy facilities in Golubac, Serbia

The new facilities include a 10 MW wind farm and also a 10 MW solar farm, according to Golubac municipal authorities, as cited by regional news wire SEE news.

Further details were revealed by, which added that the wind farm would come to some 180 hectares, which would include corners of Branicevo, Vinci and Usije, with a 150 hectare solar farm planned for Usije.

Road renovation and the construction of new roads are also planned for the area in order to facilitate construction and operation of the energy farms.

Further details were not revealed to the press, and little public information is available on the investors. CNJ NEO Energo is owned by Parjo S.A. based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Wind farms are seen by some to be the way of the future. Photo of wind turbines in China by 林 慕尧 / Chris Lim from East Coast (东海岸), Singapore (新加坡), CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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