Serbia Monthly is an English-language publication

specializing in business news and insight, politics, and lifestyle issues in Serbia. Serbia Monthly specifically targets mid- to upper-level management and executives in this country and abroad. Serbia Monthly covers business, politics, current affairs and lifestyle issues on a nationwide and in-depth basis.

Readers can find complete sections devoted to the automobile, telecom, IT, residential and commercial real-estate industries that go beyond the traditionally Belgrade-focused English-language publications of the past.

Additionally, nationwide politics, current affairs and expert commentary are a prominent portion of the magazine. Lifestyle issues such as travel, luxury living, humor and entertainment or high end make up some 10 to 15 percent of the publication, rounding out what is both an informative, if not essential, magazine for the business community on the ground here.



Cover story

Ranging from hard news to politics to profiles of key players working in Serbia today, the cover story serves as both the attention-grabber and hook for Serbia Monthly. Such stories promise to deal with major issues in an American-style format, following in the footsteps of magazines abroad such as Newsweek, Time, Forbes, the New Yorker, etc.

Politics/Economics/Current Affairs

Ranging from Serbia Monthly’s monthly economic roundup to interviews with prominent politicians, this is a must read for anyone interested in doing business in the country.

Sustainability and E.S.G.

Taking extensive real estate in the magazine, our E.S.G. section highlights and reports on the companies and institutions embracing and implementing E.S.G. policy in Serbia and the region.

Finance and Banking

This section includes a monthly roundup of the financial markets, banking commentary and a Month-in-Brief section including major deals in the banking, finance and insurance industries.

Business cover story

The Business Section cover story is a permanent feature of the business section of the magazine, highlighting specific market trends and hard news occurring during that month. Specialized business sections include monthly coverage of the automobile, real-estate, telecom/IT, luxury living, and entertainment sectors with a special emphasis on both trends and individuals in each sector. Each section features in-depth coverage, with both the real-estate and telecom/IT sections also featuring summary “Notes” sections as well as interviews with the major players in these sectors. The business section is complimented by an Investment Month in Brief section that highlights all major investments taking place in the previous month.

Lifestyle Pages

The Lifestyles Section features lighter articles such as car reviews, luxury living, travel, humor, fashion entertainment news and restaurant reviews, the latter aimed specifically at Belgrade readers.

The goal is to make Serbia Monthly not only a one-stop publication for our readership, but to also provide an effective and eye-grabbing platform for the potential advertiser.

Independent and Determined

From the first issue in October 2022, Serbia Monthly has been challenging the status quo and proving just what an independent publication can accomplish in the age of gigantic media houses and multinationals. Catering to the English-speaking population in Serbia.

Print run:

10,000 printed copies, downloadable PDF available on the Serbia website and sent out by email to our subscribers approximate total readership 40,000 monthly. Social media announcements with every new addition.


distributed throughout Belgrade office buildings, hotels, restaurants and business centers. International chambers of commerce (PDF sent to over 500 members)

Fairs and conferences:

Serbia Monthly is media partners with selected local, regional and international expositions and conferences. This gives us additional distribution to business people in many different sectors.

Controlled distribution:

the monthly magazine is sent in the post to over 200 CEOs of international companies with HQ in Belgrade.


include C-level directors operating in Serbia and the region.

Format A4 80gm, glossy paper full color, offset printing.