Artist Andrej Kolosov to present Serbian story in Grad Art Gallery exhibition

In these times the lives of expatriates ranges from varied to controversial to extremely poignant, and the “Serbian story” of Russian artist Andrej Kolosov is no different, with Kolosov’s Serbian experience to be on full display at Grad Art Gallery/KC Grad in Belgrade from March 13 to March 25.

The exhibition will feature “graphic representations and ornaments” from Kolosov’s “Signs” series, which highlight the use of artistic calligraphy enabling the artist to “fill space and turn this into a complex ornament..”

Each work will designate a separate story of the Kolosov’s experience in Serbia, and the exhibition will also include performances by the artist himself.

In fact, Kolosov has much to express, as he first bean dealing with street art and graffiti art in 1999. By 2007, in the city of Reutovo, in Russia, he led a club of young painters, which a year later grew into an independent artistic collective whose main activity was the creation of murals.

During that period Kolosov organized numerous exhibitions of street art, installations and performances.

In 2010 he had his first solo exhibition. In 2011, he enrolled at the Faculty of Monumental Painting of the Orthodox Saint Tikhonov University in Moscow, where he thoroughly studied academic drawing, painting, fresco painting, icon painting and the theory of church art. Theoretical and practical studies of contemporary art at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art encouraged him to create the „Carpe Diem” sycamore cycle.

The basis of his work is the old Russian script, maritime embroidery, which undergoes many metamorphoses in hands of Kolosov so that in the final process of the graphic solution it resembles an ornament.

He has held exhibitions n Russia, Turkey and Serbia, and much of his work is now held in private collections.

Kolosov’s exhibition schedule is as follows:

March 13  4-9 pm

Opening of the exhibition & performance „My Serbian Story,” during which the artist will paint a 100 m2 panel.

March 14  3-6 pm

Continuation of performance „My Serbian Story.”

March 19-21 10-6 pm

Painting of the facade of KC Grad, during which an abstract panel will be created on the front facade of KC Grad.

March 23-25  12-6 pm

A performance „Work in Disappearance,” in which the façade will be painted over in white.

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