Serbian mining company Belkalhan hitting positive results on graphite extraction potential

Serbian mining exploration company Belkalhan confirmed March 9 that new drills on graphite intersections are underway with preliminary results indicating 16.6 percent or higher quality on seams—which in layman speaks means that has plans to become an important EU supplier for the chemical and battery market.

“The Serbian graphite and calcite mine Belkalhan is one of the hottest European critical raw material prospects, with all exploitation permits secured and eying an institutional R&D investor,” said company representative Vladimir Markovic in a press release.

Markovic noted that the Belkalhan graphite mine in South Serbiavis one of most suitable European critical resources projects, being  based on the 16.6 percent high-quality graphite deposit which even has been designated as mineral deposit of national interest in EU.

The release added that Belkalhan teams are developing and engineering future processing facility designs along with “tailor made exploitation and processing technologies which will fit the local landscape with highest environment and social impact standards and action plans.”

As noted, the company is current in search of partners to move forward as a joint venture.

A number of local and international companies are currently circling the Serbian mining sector in part due to the fact that Serbia has some of the most viable lithium deposits in the EU.

Photo of graphite in the public domain.

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