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Serbian developer Inobačka signs contract for coming Novi Sad Hyatt Regency

Serbian developer Inobačka announced the signing of a construction and development contract March 3 that will result in the arrival of a new Hyatt Regency hotel in Novi Sad.

The developer noted that the investment is slated at EUR 107 mln, that it will have 235 rooms and that it will be operational by 2026, as noted by

The hotel will be built at the site of the current Park Hotel, and the developer added that the new hotel will include a 1,900 square-meter congress center built to seat 900.

“In addition to contributing to congress tourism, this hotel/business complex will also be environmentally friendly, because of our focus on green energy (renewable energy sources),“ said Inobačka, as cited by the news site.

The hotel is planned to employ 250 people.

Photo of the Hyatt Hotel in Novi Beograd by Michael Angelkovich, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.


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