Serbian Luss Textile continues expansion with new factory investment in Krusevac

Serbian textile producer Luss Textile, based in Raska, announced it will invest in a new factory in Krusevac, which will employ some 500 workers.

The size of the deal was not released, but the new factory will up the total number of employed by Luss to 850, according to Luss Textile CEO Sava Mitroci, as noted by The company currently employs 350 workers in Raska.

The site also noted that Luss Textile has recently acquired the Gruppo Fiorentino factory in Vlasotince, and that 120 workers will also be employed there, which will push total employment to close to 1,000.

Photo of Krusevac by sr:Корисник:Sunrise at sr.wikipedia Own work, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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