Air Serbia sees usage returning to pre-COVID levels, banking on summer of 2023

Air Serbia continued a remarkable rebound in 2022, approaching pre-COVID numbers and looks to be making good on a November prediction to post a profit of EUR 7 mln for the year.

The airline saw strong usage numbers especially to the US, carrying 26,140 passengers on flights between Belgrade and New York during the first half of the year, according to, with the news site stating that Air Serbia reached “86.6% of its pre-pandemic numbers on the route, with figures in May and June outperforming those three years ago.”

Perhaps more impressive was an 77.3 percent increase on cargo when compared to 2019, and the company noted that Atlantic flight is one of the company’s strongest routes.

The company also stated that in fact the first six months of 2022 saw 14,734 travelers fly from New York to Belgrade, with up to 40 percent of these routes being transfers.

The airline is also banking on a big 2023, with now 20 new routes advertised for the summer tourist season and a reach of some 100 cities within Air Serbia’s network, according to Air Serbia CEO Jiri Marek, as cited by an airline press release.

“We are proud of the fact that, including charter destinations, we are approaching the number of nearly 100 cities in the upcoming summer season within our growing network,” Marek said.

“We are continuously capitalizing on the growing market in which we operate and are adding new destinations throughout the year,” he added.

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