Virgin Atlantic to expand Serbian and Croat route coverage

Serbia continues to find its way onto Western business maps, as now airline Virgin Atlantic has announced it will extend flight services to Croatia and Serbia through London-Heathrow, as part of an expanded partnership with outsourcing sales and marketing company Discover the World.

„We have been working with the Virgin Atlantic team for some time to focus on incremental opportunities across Europe and where we can see the growth potential into Virgin’s extensive network especially to North America. Croatia and Serbia are both under-served with direct connections to North America,” said Head of Airline Partnerships and Development for Discover the World Aiden Walsh, as cited by Exyu Aviation and

“Our focus is to maximize the opportunities Virgin Atlantic have in place and work our strong trade relationships,” he added.

Virgin Atlantic at this time has a “vast and existing network of onward North American connections from its London hub,” including to Los Angeles Airport, Las Vegas Airport, Miami Airport, New York JFK, Orlando Airport, Seattle-Tacoma Airport, San Francisco Airport, Tampa, and Washington. It is currently banking on offering Serbs and Croats more flight connection options, which deemed “especially crucial” as there are currently no non-stop flights between Zagreb and the US.

Currently, Lufthansa remains dominant in the local market, covering some 20% of all passengers between the US and Serbia.

Photo credit: Jon Rawlinson, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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