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Subotica to see yet another solar farm through Untermolo investments

Serbian alternative power company Untermolo will build a 5 MW solar power plant in Subotica, designated Bikovo 1, to follow the Bikovo power plant, with both plants using the same switchgear facility, according to press reports.

The municipal government of Subotica gave a positive environmental assessment decision on Bikovo 1, according to business news site Bikovo 1 will be located on land near the former Azotara fertilizer plant.

The plant will consist of more than 10,000 photovoltaic panels, as well as “28 inverters to connect to the AC distribution network,” the website said.

Alternative energy, particularly solar farms, have been a focus for Serbian municipalities, especially since the onset of the war in Ukraine, which has forced the government to attempt to wean itself off of dependence on Russian sources of energy.

Photo of Subotica by Laborec, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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