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Slovenian consumer electronics Big Bang to take over Serbian BC Group

Slovenian consumer electronics retailer Big Bang will take over Serbia online retailer BC Group, according to local media.

Big Bang said it will gain key know-how and also will implement “synergies in procurement, logistics and digitalization” of operations, according to Big Bang CEO Uros Mesojedec, as cited by, which itself cited SEE News.

BC Group posted EUR 35 mln in income in 2022 and plans to increase this to more than EUR 90 mln, according to BC Group majority owner Oleg Kulidzan, with Kulidzan noting the need for a key partner to achieve said goals.

For its part, Big Bang Group posted income of EUR 270 mln in 2022, according to

Photo of Belgrade by Vlada Marinković, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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