Serbian property service provider Atrium signs partnership deal with Austrian REIWAG Facility Services

Serbian integrated property service provider Atrium announced this week that it has signed a strategic partnership deal with Austrian REIWAG Facility Services GmbH to acquire 64 percent of Atrium shares.

The new partnership will unlock substantial growth of Atrium’s services and improve the company’s capabilities in property-related services, such as brokerage, facility management, cleaning services and technical maintenance, according to an Atrium press release dated Jan. 17. Likewise, Atrium will gain access to knowledge center and training capabilities and REIWAG’s strategic cooperation with LIONSBOT, the world’s leading manufacturer of cleaning robots, made in Singapore.

The value of the share sale was not revealed.

REIWAG is an Austrian family-owned group of companies, with an annual turnover of EUR 88.8 mln, while also boasting more than 3,000 employees and subsidiaries in five countries. REIWAG was founded in 1903 by the grandfather of the current owner and managing director, Viktor Wagner.

Atrium is an integrated property service provider which was founded in 2005 by Roman Klott.

The company has currently more than 300 employees and manages luxurious large-scale commercial and residential properties like Belgrade Waterfront, Galerija Shopping Mall, and Belgrade Office Park. The company was also among the first to obtain a Serbian license for building management.

Image of the design of the Belgrade Waterfront residential project by BalkanPhotos, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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