Serbian nat’l airline Air Serbia sees 84 percent passenger increase y/o/y for April

Serbian national airline Air Serbia carried 282,509 passengers on its scheduled flights in April, recording an increase of 84 percent when compared to the same month in 2022.

This was also an increase of 53 percent compared to the record-breaking pre-pandemic year of 2019.

„During ten consecutive months, from July 2022 to April 2023, our company [achieved] record results on a monthly basis in terms of the number of carried passengers and the number of flights operated,” said Boško Rupić, general manager of Commercial and Strategy at Air Serbia.

“Considering that the summer season in the aviation industry is underway and that many tourist destinations are becoming more active, we believe that the results will be even better,” he added. “In April, we expanded our network with as many as five new destinations and we are continuing this growth trend in May.”

Air Serbia began flying to Tel Aviv, Ankara, Catania, İzmir and Lisbon for the first time in April. A high passenger load factor was recorded on all flights.

Photo by Adam Moreira (AEMoreira042281), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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