Serbian national airline Air Serbia launches contact center, employees 60 in Niš

Serbian national airline Air Serbia opened a “contact center” April 21, which included the hiring of 60 new employees to staff a new facility in Niš, including 10 new CLC agents from Niš joined Air Serbia Ground Services (ASGS), a subsidiary of Air Serbia, with this team to provide support for aircraft ground operations.

„We are extremely pleased with the start of our new capacities in Niš, of which we have high expectations,” said Air Serbia General Commercial and Strategy Manager Boško Rupić. “On the other hand, we are also pleased that our business activities directly contribute to the local economic development of Niš and the surrounding area.”

Rupić added that the Niš branch of the National Employment Service had provided significant technical support to the Serbian national airline in the implementation of the project.

“Thanks to this cooperation, we received significant logistic and technical support as well as a room for training new Air Serbia employees from the Nišava district,” he said.

“Most of the selected candidates have already been trained and have started working. They currently work under the supervision of colleagues from the Belgrade Contact Centre, and they will start working independently in a few days,” he continued, pointing out that training for the second group of new agents is underway, and that all 50 agents should be active by the end of April.

Approximately 400 candidates from Niš and the surrounding area applied for the open call for new Contact Centre agents at Air Serbia, which was concluded on March 8, 2023.

Photo by Riik@mctr, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.


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