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Serbia continues to post better-than-expected economic results, but inflation nagging

Serbia continues to post better-than-expected economic figures, with official statistics now indicating that external trade numbers for the first quarter of 2023 showed relative growth of close to 9 percent, as well as with a sharp rise in export values of close to 18 percent.

Trade for January-February came to EUR 10,472.8 mln, an actual increase of 8.7 percent for the same term in 2022, according to the Serbian Office of Statistics.

Export figures hit EUR 4,530.9 mln, a 17.91 percent increase Y/o/Y, with the import trade figure coming to  EUR 5,941.9 mln, which represented a 2.7 percent  increase Y/o/Y.

Despite regional turmoil and political crises, Serbia has seen a better-then-expected 2023, with industrial production having risen 1.9 percent in February Y/o/Y, although this was down from a remarkable increase of 4.1 percent in January Y/o/Y.

That said, inflation rose 16.1 percent in February of 2023, a new record and higher than January’s 15.8 percent level.

Photo of a Serbia welcome by flowcomm, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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