Russian Serbian Wellness absorbs skin-care producer Dahlia in EUR 15 mln deal; more investment coming

Both Western and Russian companies are increasingly looking to Serbia to invest, with Russian Siberian Wellness announcing that it has taken over Serbian skin-care and cosmetics manufacturer Dahlia in a deal estimated to be worth EUR 15 mln.

Siberian Wellness added that it would invest EUR 2 mln to modernize the plant in Zemun, focusing on not only quality control but environmental standards, according to Serbian Wellness CEO Tatiana Gorokhovskaya, as cited by

Fans of the Dahlia brand, however, have no reason to fear, as the brand will remain, according to Gorokhovskaya. The company will also likely expand further in Serbia with coming investments into logistics.

Gorokhovskaya added that management will remain and the current workforce will likely be doubled going forward.

Siberian Wellness is a Novosibirsk-based company that distributes more than 300 products to 60 countries world-wide, according to the company website.

Photo of Zemun, Serbia by: Julian Nyča, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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