Russian internet tech company/search engine Yandex to open center in Belgrade within days

Russian Yandex will open an office in Belgrade billed as “it’s largest international office” within days, according to Serbian media.

The buzz regarding internet technology services company Yandex, which provides a search engine, e-commerce services, e-mail services and which has long focuses on Russia and CIS companies, has been ongoing for more than a year, with first reports claiming the company would employ some 800 in Belgrade.

This may soon come to fruition, with local news providers, such as, noting that Yandex’s director in Belgrade, Andrey Snigirev, has informed Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Sapic of the imminent opening of the center.

Sapic was reportedly invited to see the engineering unit and wooed the mayor with promises to enhance city services, including public transport. The actual details surrounding total employment of the new center were not released.

Pnoto of Yandex’s Moscow office by MrHeisenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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