New government coming, but the question is when

The jury is still out as to when Serbia will have a new government, with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic . announcing that she would present a list of new proposed ministers by Sept. 25.  

While this is more or less on schedule, the statement does cast some doubt as to whether a new government will be formed by the end of this month, as previously indicated.

Brnabic was nominated serve once again as prime minster on Aug. 27, which itself was the result of a five-month delay, due to a polling station voting issue and the resulting inability of Parliament to be convened. Brnabic faces multiple challenges, due to the war in Ukraine, East-West tensions, constant head-butting with Kosovo and rising energy prices, compounded by rising inflation. This is further compounded by complete Serbian dependence on Russian gas, the need to placate Russia and the EU (in the face of pressure from the United States) and the fact that it is Russia and China that back Serbia’s long-held (and admittedly fierce) resistance to Kosovo independence.

Meanwhile, the outlook for this winter remains troubling, with Serbia, Macedonia and Albania going so far as announcing during the past weekend that the three countries would come to each other’s aid with regard to potential upcoming food and energy sentences—while planning to ask for EU backing.

Just what this mutual help means—and whether it is simply not a clever new lobby for EU cash—is a good question. Yet the new prime minister was at least at one time was riding at least fact that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) did lead all voting in Serbian elections—not to mention that political stalwart and President Aleksandar Vucic does have her back.

Photo credit: government.ru, CC BY 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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