Manufacturer Egypt Plywood to open factory in Mali Zvornik, employ 100, according to official

The Egypt-based Egypt Plywood company will move forward on plants to launch a plywood factor in Mali Zvornik, according to the Mali Zvornik website, with the company to employ a minimum of 100 workers within two years.

The city website noted that the company has now rented 2,200 square meters of factory space with another 1,000 square meters of parking included.

Employment will begin with the hiring of 35 workers, which will be doubled “as soon as possible,” according to Mali Zvornik Mayor Zoran Jevtic, as cited by Within two years 100 persons must be employed.

Investment figures were not released.

Mali Zvornik photo by Ванилица, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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