Int’l manufacturer Jaga to open factory and R&D center in Kragujevac

Kragujevac is set to gain another investor, with the announcement that heating and cooling equipment manufacturer Jaga will open a factory and research and development in the MIND Industrial park there, Marko Čadež, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) said in a press release.

„Our Belgian friends decided to come to the MIND park in Kragujevac, one of the most modern in Europe, which shows that Serbia is an excellent investment destination and that it offers everything that top companies need, bringing the most modern technologies and knowledge,” said Čadež

The release noted that Jaga is” one of the most innovative in its field, operating in 35 countries. The company has plans to employ Serbian. Čadež added that following Jaga and thanks to the cooperation of CCIS and the East West Valley investment group, we are expecting other investors soon, and some have already announced their arrival.

The release also noted that bratislav Milanović, founder and director of the MIND Group, thanked the representatives of the East West Valley Group for choosing MIND Park for their project. Opened in 2018, Mind Group, Siemens Mobility, Avnet, Skoda transportation, IME Autolift, HADLER Serbia, CAF, STEFTRANS, Selvadia and Nelt are already operating in this technology park.

Herbert Huben, the president of the East West Valley company, pointed out that MIND Park and Kragujevac have all the infrastructure and educational centers important for the realization of this company’s plans in Serbia.

“The investment worth 35 million euros,” said Huben, according to the release, and the plan is to build large plants and gradually expand capacity.

East West Valley CEO Bart Kanini said that the focus of this investment group is on small and medium enterprises as well as nearshoring. „This is the beginning of successful cooperation, and we expect new companies in Serbia very soon,” Kanini concluded.

Photo courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia website.



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