German component producer Gruner opens new Vlasotince production plant with EUR 23 mln investment

German component manufacturer Gruner opened a new production facility in Vlasotince, according to both Gruner and the Serbian Development Agency/

“Management of [sic] Gruner along with the president of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, H.E. Ambassador of Germany to Serbia Anke Konrad, and other officials, has officially opened the factory in Vlasotince,” the agency said in a statement. “With this new production facility, Gruner has expanded its production capacities from 7.000 m2 to about 11.500 m2.”

The statement noted that the company currently employs approximately 750 persons, and that “just in the last project [it] invested more than EUR 23 mln.”

Gruner CEO Martin Schpreizer noted the organic development of the plant with 30 persons.

“We started with 30 employees,” he said, adding that in the opening of the new plant the company had invested EUR 23.1 mln.

“We are leaders in technology and set standards that will be demanded in the industry,” Schpreizer noted. “From now on ‘Gruner Serbia’ will be our leading production plant of injection molds and mechatronic systems.

“The key to success is people,” he continued. “We value people who take steps and responsibility.”

President Aleksandar Vučić stressed that Serbia “appreciates” investments from Germany and considers this country a key economic partner. He added that he is proud of the fact that the trade exchange with Germany this year will reach EUR 7.2 bln

„I am happy to be here in Gruner for the third time and we have good news every time,” Vucic said. “This factory is important for the Jablanički district, the south of Serbia, and the entire country.

“Dual education is what makes you viable and what makes you progress,” Vucic continued. “These things changed people’s lives and make life easier here. When people have a job and can stay in Vlasotince, that is the progress of Serbia.”

Photo of Aleksandar Vucic, courtesy of: Guelland/ MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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