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European chambers of commerce want Kosovo government ban on trade with Serbia lifted, says Serbian chamber prez

Various European chambers of commerce as members of Eurochambers, which is noted as the largest such European business association, issued a statement June 20, requesting that Kosovo lift a ban regarding the entry of goods from Central Serbia to Kosovo and Metohija.

„I repeated to my colleagues from the European Chambers of Commerce that blockades and prevention of trade harm not only Belgrade and Priština but also the entire region, said President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Marko Čadež, in a statement released on the chamber website.

“I also pointed out the damage created for the EU-owned companies and businessmen working in Serbia, which is measured in hundreds of millions of euros,” he said.

Noteworthy is that Čadež was participating in the World Chambers Congress in Geneva, within the framework of the Eurochambers General Assembly, at the time, and he added that the members of this organization backed the position of the Western Balkans Chamber Investment Forum. A joint statement was also made together with the president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Lulzim Rafuna, on de-escalating the crisis.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia also noted that Čadež is a member of the Managing Board and is co-chairing the Eurochambres’ Enlargement and Neighborhood Committee, and that he emphasized at the meeting the importance of further support of the European Association of Chambers to the process of enlargement and integration of the Western Balkan region into the EU Single Market.

During a two-day Assembly meeting, Čadež was slated to have several bilateral meetings with the presidents of chambers of commerce from the European Union, Ukraine, and representatives of European companies.

File photo by Dozetdarko at Serbian Wikipedia., CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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