EU not happy with Kosovo order for Serbs to leave premises in North Mitrovica buildings

One step forward, two steps back seems to be the way of things in Kosovo, with the European Commission now forced to react to a decision by the Municipality of North Mitrovica on Aug. 22, to kick ethnic Serbs and Serb institutions out of four buildings there.

Reportedly, Serb institutions were told to leave facilities within three days, according to REL, as reported by Euronews. This brought a reaction from EU spokesperson Peter Stano, who expressed his concern regarding the “use of public spaces” there.

Noteworthy is that one month previous the EU canceled some EUR 7.8 mln in finds to build a university and administration building there, with the EUR Special Representative stating it regretted the cancellation, as “quality education” is seen as being necessary priority.

More immediately noteworthy is that Stnao referred on Aug. 8 to a need to establishthe long-promise Association/Community of Municipalities in North Kosovo and that the EU would like to see new local elections, following failed elections that saw only 3.5 percent of voters participate—yet which still resulted in the placing of ethnic-Albanian mayors in Serb dominated districts in the region.

Map courtesy of © Sémhur / Wikimedia Commons.

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