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Dexatel opens new branch in Belgrade, focuses on global CPaaS

“Tailored-interaction” software specialist Dexatel announced that it has opened a new branch in Belgrade, Serbia, expanding its presence in the global CPaaS market, with the goal of “attracting more talent from Serbia’s rich pool of industry professionals as well as further strengthen our presence in Europe.”

“The sudden tech boom and vibrant IT culture of Serbia played a significant role in the company’s decision to open its branch in the heart of the technological district,” according ot a company press release, which notes that “Dexatel already has eight Serbian team members who have joined the company.”

The legal entity for the new branch was established since the beginning of November, and this will serve as the strategic location in the capital’s tech district opens a world of opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

The company already has teams in Estonia, Armenia, and the United Arab Emirates, making the new office in Serbia its latest addition.

The new team will consist of the enterprise sales department and part of the procurement and connectivity department. The branch will also house the business development manager and the director of business operations.

In addition to strengthening its global footprint, “Dexatel will be tapping into a new dynamic arena to drive the CPaaS industry to new heights,” adds the release.

Photo of Belgrade by Petar Milošević, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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