CTP Serbia aids German engineering company Bosch in „extending” activities in the region

Production and logistics park specialist CTP Serbia announced at the end of October that it had aided German multinational and engineering company Bosch in „extending” their activities in Southeast Europe at CTP Park Belgrade West with a 20,000 square-meter built-to-suit production and delivery location.

“We’re happy to help Bosch, the Germany multinational engineering and technology company, extend their activities in Southeast Europe from CTP Park Belgrade West,” the company announced through an on-line post by CTP Serbia. “The 20,000 square-meter production space was built to suit their needs and delivered on time.”

This is hardly Bosch and CTP’s first cooperation in Serbia or Central Europe, as in July 2021 Bosch leased a distribution center in one of the largest and most sought-after industrial parks in the Czech Republic. At that time Bosch noted it would move its operations from the Netherlands to CTPark Bor in western Bohemia, where it would have more than 15,000 square meters of lettable area.

CTP announced at the time that it would provide Bosch with a cross-dock, which has the advantage of improved logistics, receipt and expedition of goods.

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