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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia holding integrated talks with members during 78th UN session

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is currently participating in the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly as part of the Serbian delegation, with up to 40 bilateral meetings planned to advance business and infrastructure deals.

“More than 30 to 40 bilateral meetings [will take place] with country representatives during the session […] but still have to develop economic relations and this is what we can work on,” said CCIS President Marko Cadez, according to a CCIS press release. “It is on us to do our part of the work [and] we carefully analyzed all these countries before we arrived to New York.

“We know exactly what they need, what they import, who they import from, how much they pay for it,” he continued. “We can offer a lot of things for a lower price and in higher quality””.
Cadez said that companies from Serbia can offer competitive products to the markets of countries on several continents in the sector of agriculture, mechanics, innovative agriculture, biotechnology, IT, new optical infrastructures as well as innovative products in health and services.

He also noted that this is the first time that the Serbian government, the president of Serbia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have integrated talks during a United Nations session.

Photo credit: the The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

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