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Belgrade’s Ada Mall proving bricks-and-mortar here to stay with 30 percent jump in footfall, revenue

In a good-news-for-bricks-and-mortar story, Belgrade’s Ada Mall saw a 30 percent increase in footfall in 2022, turnover and income, with the EUR 105 mln investment also benefiting from new store openings, such as that of international retailer Colins.

Ada Mall General Manager Alex Linchev noted that not only footfall did increase by 30 percent, but also revenue and profit, as cited by Retail Group SEE. He credited the increase in all of the above in part to a loyalty program that has included the participation of almost all tenants, as well as local, community-based programs, such as school competitions and “innovative activities.”

Retailer Colins opened its Serbian flagship store in early 2023, with the Colins network now including some 620 stores world-wide.

Ada Mall has a “gross area” of 34,000 square meters and also offers 1,000 parking spaces for visiting customers.

Photo of Belgrade by Sharon Hahn Darlin, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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