Austrian TGRS negotiating to open second factory in Bela Palanka; may employ up to 300

 Austrian TGRS is reportedly in negotiations with the city of Bela Palanka to open a second factory, according to local press.

Goran Miljkovic, mayor of Bela Palanka, stated that the city is taking into consideration TGRS offers and that negotiations may be concluded in 2024, according to

TGRS already operates a plant in the city’s industrial zone, and the new factory would employ between 250 and 300.

TGRS, according to its Linkedin site, is “an international automotive company specializing in the manufacturing of safety systems parts for cars of worldwide brands: Toyota, Suzuki, and VW Group.

The company also produces the lleather wrapping of steering wheels, as well as sewing cushions for airbags.

Photo of Bela Palanka Gromobransvemira, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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