Air Serbia to further increase cooperation with American Airlines as of May

As of May 2023 Air Serbia will expanded its interline partnership with American Airlines by combining the Serbian national airline’s Belgrade-Chicago service with the flights of American Airlines between Chicago and other destinations.

“We are very satisfied with the expansion of the partnership between our two companies. This way, we enable passengers to reach numerous destinations in USA via Belgrade,” said Ivana Miklja Mučalov, manager for International Affairs and Alliances, Air Serbia.

The launch of direct flights between Belgrade and Chicago has greatly contributed to this expansion, according to the airline. This increased cooperation will begin May 17.

The company noted that it already has “an excellent interline partnership” with American Airlines, thanks to which Serbia’s capital city is connected to a number of important destinations in the USA via New York.

Photo by Aleem Yousaf, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.


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