Air Serbia increases the number of flights to the United States

Due to increased demand for flights between Belgrade and New York, starting from the upcoming winter season, Air Serbia will increase the number of flights on this route from the usual two flights a week to three flights a week. The Serbian national airline will be operating flights between these two cities every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. In addition to that, Air Serbia continues to expand its operations in the United States market, and starting in April 2023, it will commence direct flights between Belgrade and Chicago (O’Hare Airport – ORD). Chicago will be the second U.S. destination in Air Serbia’s network, and the Serbian national airline plans to operate flights on this route two times a week.

„The addition of another weekly flight to New York during the winter season is a clear indicator that our flight over the Atlantic is working out well and that it represents one of Air Serbia’s strongest routes, with a reduction in its so far highly seasonal character. In addition to that, we have been planning the introduction of direct flights between Belgrade and Chicago, a city with one of the biggest diaspora from Serbia and other countries in the region, for a long time now, and for us, it is a route of exceptional strategic importance. We expect great passenger demand for the new flights with Chicago as their final destination, as well as those using the city as a layover for further destinations,” stated Boško Rupić, General Manager Commercial and Strategy, Air Serbia.
With the introduction of Belgrade – Chicago flights, for the first time after 32 years, the capital of Serbia will be directly connected to the American city where approximately 350 thousand residents of Serbian origin reside, as well as a large number of residents hailing from other countries of former Yugoslavia, as well as neighbouring Balkan countries, which are well-connected with Belgrade via the regional Air Serbia network.
Chicago, with 2.75 million inhabitants in the city and 9.62 million in the wider metropolitan area, is the most populated city in the state of Illinois and the third most populated city in the USA, after New York and Los Angeles. It is located on the coast of Lake Michigan and represents an important international centre of finance, culture, trade, industry, education, communication and transport, which was visited by 60 million tourists in 2019.
Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) is one of the six highest-traffic airports in the world, and in 2019, more than 90 million passengers have used its services.
Thanks to the recommencement of trans-Atlantic flights six years ago, Air Serbia again enabled connections between the region and the United States of America, after a pause of almost two and a half decades. Since the re-establishment of the air connection to the U.S. to May of this year, the national airline has carried a total of 383,324 passengers on the Belgrade – New York route.
The flights between Belgrade and New York are operated by the biggest aircraft in Air Serbia’s fleet, an Airbus A330, named after famous Serbian scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.
Find more information about the activities of the Serbian national airline on the Air Serbia Media Centre.

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